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Why MSMS NUTRITION? Why we are here.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

An all women's supplement line. Why? Because no one knows a woman like a woman. I married an ex-bodybuilder and supplement guru who had already built his own supplement line. After being burned by the supplement industry myself in years prior, I was anything but willing to try them out again. Boy am I glad I did.

See, I had no idea supplements (quality supplements) are essentially what we call today, a life hack. They take the good decisions you are already making for your health (ie starting to eat healthier, getting in more physical activity) and propel you forward faster: a cheat code if you will. They help with building lean muscle, maintaining lean muscle, blocking abdominal fat storage (what?!), shuttling more fat cells to be burned off for energy, boosting metabolism, improving focus, increasing stamina, increasing strength, etc. and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Now notice I said quality supplements.That's because poor quality supplements can actually sabotage your health, even if they have positive claims on the label. That's a future blog post to come.

So why is this important, and how can it help you? To answer that, let's jump back to 18 year old Christine. Competing for Miss Mississippi at 18 and claiming the title at 19 expedited my passion for the health and fitness industry. I had the pleasure of meeting women from all across the country who were all so driven, talented, beautiful, and unique. We all had vastly different training routines, yet each came to Miss America in the best shape of her life. After being a competitive dancer, cheerleader, & tennis player, I had still never trained so hard in my life to reach that physique. I was running up to 5 miles a day, working out for at least an hour, swimming with blue jeans in my parent's pool, and putting in hours of dance rehearsals for my talent routine, all on a DAILY basis.

Although admirable, this was not and is not sustainable, and definitely NOT an option for most women. Most women have a full time job, a husband and/or kids or grandkids, and all the demands that those things require. Whatever keeps you busy, my supplements can effortlessly help you achieve your body goals, without cutting into your valuable time, without wasting your money on protein that tastes like chalk or won't dissolve properly or is "gritty" (gross), without giving you anxiety and jitters from a poorly built and overly stimulated pre-workout, and without the cracked out feeling when you try a fat burner and want to crawl out of your own skin (Yes all of this is from personal experience and why I was so opposed to supplements in general).

Had I been more educated 12 years ago, I could have gotten away with doing so much less and put that time and energy towards something else more productive. It wasn't until I became a mom that I realized the dramatic struggle for women to maintain balance between the normal demands of life, motherhood, and their personal health. We as women naturally are nurturers! We put others first, and prioritize things that concern others, and that usually means the last thing on our list is ourselves. It also means when we do have time for ourselves, we would much rather relax in a warm bath in silence or take a nap rather than going to grab a workout.

I want to help you do it all. Whether it's taking your TUMMY TONER fat blocking powder every day to watch your waistline whittle with no odd and uncomfortable side effects, or taking your HOT STUFF calorie killer to kickstart that sweat factor and start burning off unwanted fat stores, or taking your MOTIVATE pre-workout (literally motivation in a bottle and tastes like a cheat drink with zero calories) to boost your mood, energy, strength, and endurance, or having your CRAVE low carb, no bloat protein powder on hand to kill cravings when you want something sweet whether you drink it in just water or almond milk, throw it in some Greek fat free yogurt, blend it into a green smoothie, or bake it into a healthy dessert, the possibilities are plenteous.

MSMS NUTRITION is here to help women of all demographics feel more motivated, less-stressed, energized, attractive, joyful, productive, healthy, and strong. Why? Because no one knows a woman like a woman.

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